June 02, 2013

Spring of 2013

~Hailey and Bella
It's been quite some time since I last posted an update. A couple years in fact. Since that last post both Hailey and Bella have grown inseperable, constantly playing and rough housing. It's aparant Bella's youthfullnes is keeping Hailey active and young. The summer of 2011 Hailey passed the APLA's Certified Pointing Retriever test.  The same summer she passed four AKC Junior Hunter tests and earned her Junior Hunter Title. Last summer I didn't run any hunt tests as Pauline and I were quite busy with the birth of our first child.  The fall of 2012 both Hailey and Bella began guiding at http://www.wingsnorth.org in Pine City.
Recently Bella passed four AKC Junior Hunter tests to earn her Junior Hunter Title.  Bella is hunting, pointing and retrieving quite nicely. I did have Bella's hips and elbows x-rayed.  Her hips scored Good and her elbows Normal.  She's weighing in at 51#.

Bear is all of 72lbs and my loyal "wingman" as always!  Bear began running hunt tests the Summer of 2011. Since then he's progressed nicely.  He went 4 for 4 to earn his AKC Junior Title. The summer of 2012 he went 4 for 4 to earn his AKC Senior Title. He also ran in two UKC Senior tests passing both those test. Bear has two more UKC Senior passes before he titles.  We have a very busy summer planned with family stuff, but if the cards fall right and we are successful, we will finish the HR title and HRCH title with HRC. We also hope to achieve our AKC MH title this year :-\......wish us luck!
Jeff Brezee family and
Brezee Oak's Brother Bear SH

~Bella (from Iowa)

Here is a recent picture of our Bella:).  Our 47# bundle of joy.  She's been on several pheasant hunting trips in Iowa and South Dakota and has a lot of character. We really enjoy her! She's very much a diva and very social.


Wow 3 years already! Sasha is currently about 62 pounds. She grouse hunted with me all fall this past year and did a wonderful job. She is a hard worker in the field and is driven to succeed. She has been great for our family. The photos are from march on our first trip up north. As you can see she was really excited to be at our woods. She checked every inch of the yard for critters and even played king of the hill with our boys. I am currently thinking about training her to find sheds. She has retrieved old sheds that I have hid around the yard very well and i would like to try her in the field eventually. We look forward to many more years of hunting, playing and companionship with Sasha.
Sean, Jody, Trevor, and Josh


Oakley has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He continues to be great on pheasant trips to South Dakota and grouse hunting near our cabin on Leech Lake. Being in the boat while we fish remains a favorite of his and he is always excited when a fish is caught and he has to be in the middle of the action. As you can see in his photo from this past winter, Oakley loves retrieving and will find it, even in the deepest of snow. He never gets tired chasing anything we throw for him. He remains very social and loves people.

It was fun seeing the updates on his siblings - thanks for doing this!

Karen and Brian VanDerBosch

April 17, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!

Wow!  I can't believe it's been a year since Hailey whelped her litter of 10 puppies.  Growth and development since my last post has been overwhelming.  Many were hunting last fall whether it be pheasant, grouse or fowl.  Some are off to school training with trainers, while others are gearing up to run hunt tests.  Below are the responses from many of their owners.

Bella and I, as well as Bella and Hailey, have become best of friends.  Every moment she's at either one of our sides.  Bella and Hailey are constantly playing.  Last fall the two hunted well together.  Bella gained valuable experience hunting behind her mother.  For her birthday Bella was treated to a chukar hunt at Rocky Bay Hunt Club near Pine City.  As far as Bella's formal training her obedience is sound, she's been force fetched and her marks and retrieves are quite solid.  Presently she's at the beginning stages of learning to handle.  Bella is 48# of all go.
-David and Pauline

Bear is doing great! We celebrated his birthday with a can of dog food (he's the only one who ate it though!) He gave us his classic head tilt while we sang happy birthday to him. His favorite thing in the world is training and we try to do something everyday. At least 2-3 times a week one of my daughters or wife will help throw for us in the neighbors field. Bear is getting very proficient at blind retrieves and is "collar conditioned" now. We joined Southern MN Hunting Retriever Association which meets weekly for training sessions. Also they held a "Fun" hunt test last month of which Bear earned his first ribbon in the Junior division (this does not qualify for AKC, it was just a mock test our club held) This weekend we're having another one which should get us ready for the real deal next month. Our goal is to earn his Junior title this year and possibly his Senior title at age two. There is a huge difference between training at home and training with an organized club. Bear gets intensified by about ten times when birds/guns/duck calls/other dogs are introduced. He is such a joy to train because he loves it so much and is always trying to please.
     His second most favorite thing is going for rides. He loves being with us, so most of the time he joins us when running errands, too (by the way, he is an inside dog). Last week at the vet, he weighed in at 62 lbs so he still thinks he can sit in our laps in the living room! Also he has a nightly routine of helping papa "pack a lunch" for work the next day...he is truly a helper!
     For the hunting season last fall Bear ended with a half a dozen roosters and a very large goose. At the time, he was quite a bit smaller, so he wasn't sure what to think about that big honker, he kept exchanging glances between me and the goose. The look on his face said "Are you serious??? This thing is huge!!" Hopefully this fall things will be a bit different, as Manitoba is on our menu with North Dakota as a back up plan.
-Jeff and Teri

Sage is doing great, she still has a lot of energy and is ready to go the min you walk in the door.  For the most part she loves to retrieve and does an awesome job at it.  When winter came she was a little unsure what to think of the snow, but she got use to it and now that the snow is gone we have a hard time getting her to go to the bathroom in the grass again.  She is quite the dog....people at the vet call her a little princess because she has to have everything just right and WILL not lay in grass or anywhere for that matter without a blanket....she also has to have the vet brake her treats in little pieces so she can eat them, I think we spoil her a little too much. The only thing that is hard is that she HATES her baths, does anyone elas have that trouble???  We love her and can't wait for the rest of the years with her.
-Lucas, Misty and Kendra

Wow already 1 year! Sasha has topped out at 57 pounds. It has been a wonderful first year. Her world revolves around our boys. She is still a bundle of energy but has settled down quite a bit. She continues to make strong points despite not having much work over the long winter. She had a blast chasing the chipmunks around on her birthday weekend. I took her for a walk on our trails last weekend and she made several points and worked the cover great. I was impressed since she hadn't been on our trails since late October. We're looking forward to many more great years with Sasha.
Sean,Jody,Trevor, & Joshua

Rudy's a "snowdog".  Since the middle of February, Rudy's been training with John Luttrell, http://www.luttrellkennels.com/, near Walnut Ridge, AR.  Within the next week Rudy and John will return to SD for the final month of Rudy's training.  John says Rudy's put on a lot of muscle and is retrieving ducks well.  Last fall Rudy hunted pheasants locally in Minnesota as well as North and South Dakota.
-Scott, Kathy, Clayton and Duncan

Bella (from Iowa)~
These are the pictures that I just took this morning of Bella (she is a little dirty, as we just got back from a hike--she doesn't like to be dirty!). She just recently came back home from school the last weekend in March. She was there for appx. 4 months. She's doing really good! She's very obedient, and we are excited to get her out hunting, going to school was a good thing for her. She weighs 48#.  We are anxious to hear how the other dogs are doing as well!
Cory and Michelle

Hi Dave,

     Oakley is a great dog, has a pleasant disposition and listens well. For our first dog we are so lucky with how great his first year has been. He is at his next stage of training at Wings and Whistles, http://www.wingsandwhistles.com/, right now and has done well hunting.
     As you can see in the photo, Oakley loves ice fishing and will patiently wait until a fish is caught and then gets so excited. If we throw it back, he will stick his nose in the hole and try to retrieve it. He loves playing frisbee and retrieving anything we throw. He enjoys long walks and visiting with every other dog we meet along the way.

Thanks again for the wonderful dog!
Brian and Karen

October 17, 2010

Fall is here and pups are off to school.....

     Fall, my favorite time of year.  The leaves are changing, temperatures falling, days getting shorter and hunting season in full swing.   The past three weekends Hailey and I have been hunting fowl amongst the area lakes.  This weekend with the opening of pheasant season I not only hunted fowl, I also hunted pheasant.  I was able to bag a few ducks along with a wary pheasant.  Hailey and I were alone on the duck hunts.  Bella, did however tag along for the pheasant portion.
     The puppies are now 6 months of age and are able to start formal training.  Some of the puppies are returning from Professional Training Courses while other are scheduled to attend within the coming months.  Below is an update on many of the pups.

     She's quite the little lady.  She prances her 39# frame around as if she were "queen bee".  We've been working on obedience skills such as walking at heel, come, sit and stay.  She is grasping those skills quite well.  While in the field we've been working with my DT Series dummy launcher along with Dokken's Dead Fowl dummies and doing some retrieval work.  Bella is consistent on retrieves 30-40 yards and retrieves dummies launched up to 70 yards.  That being said, the longer retrieves are not completed on a regular basis.  It seems as though once she gets out to those greater distances she wants to play with the dummy.  So we're now switching gears and beginning the steps of force fetching to get her consistent with those distant retrieves.  Overall I've been satisfied with the progress she's making.

Bella~ (from Iowa)
     We sure have been enjoying Bella! She is a lot of fun. She has been retrieving great, and loves the water! She heads up to Osakis, MN next month to Sauk River Kennels for formal training.  I have shot some 22 cal.  guns over here and so far has been fine with that.  I haven't had any points on birds yet(no opportunities yet) but alot of points in the yard at butterflies and what not. Right now she weighs 44 lbs but she eats like a horse.  She is hungry all the time,  and I think probally a bit over weight.  She has a ton of energy, loves to fetch and very social.  She acts like a diva most of the time and usually gets her way as far as getting out of her kennnel, and coming inside. I'm not sure to what level I will train her to.  If the trainer really likes what he sees I'll probally try and get her titled through the APLA. If not I know she'll be one hell of a
 hunting dog with her natural abilities and gun dog training. I'll keep in touch with you and let you know how she progresses, I look forward to sending you that picture of her locked up on a pheasant.

     I've been working with Tucker with some of the grouse wings, but I haven't had him on any of the trails with me yet while I've been hunting. The other day I took him down to the lake and he swam down about 5 feet and brought me a stick he grabbed off the bottom. I couldn't believe it, it was pretty impressive.

     Dave, yesterday Rudy completed four weeks of Intro to Hunting Training with John Luttrell of Luttrell Kennels in Clark, SD.  Rudy will be with me this fall and then travels south with John for three months of Gun Dog training in Arkansas this winter.  Here is just one of the many kind words John has to say about Rudy.  "Scott, you need to start duck hunting, because that dog loves the water and loves to retrieve ducks."
     On the return trip home Rudy and I stopped at a WMA in western MN to get out and stretch our legs a bit.  We hunted it for about and hour.  Rudy flushed two roosters of which he retrieved both for me.  Rudy's off to a good start at his young age.

Oakley is doing great!!  He just got back from his first two weeks of hunting training where he was introduced to birds and guns. He did very well and loves to chase birds and retrieve. In November he returns to Whistles and Wings, Watertown, SD for more formal training.
Oakley’s favorite activities are going for long walks, especially when he can go swimming and retrieve things from the water and playing with other dogs – he loves them and we have to stop to say hello to every dog we meet. He also has fun playing Frisbee and has even learned to catch them in the air sometimes.
He is a great dog, loves people and we couldn’t be happier with his disposition. He has been a great addition to our family.
Brian & Karen

     Bear (Brezee Oaks Brother Bear, Bear-Bear, Big-boy) now weighs 51lbs. Its amazing how much has changed since the last update. Our trip "Up North" was a huge success as Bear became a snorkeler, a boat rider, a golf cart rider, and a fisherman. That trip in early August was Bear's introduction to "school", sit, stay and come were firmly established. Within a couple of weeks of that he was whistle trained to do the same....off leash.  Every morning Bear goes for a three mile walk with grandpa and every night (sometimes my youngest daughter helps) I work with Bear for about a half an hour. He's been introduced to gun fire and pigeons (talk about excitement!!). His single retrieves have been 50-80 yards into medium cover, doubles have been limited to 30-40 yards. We've been working with hand signals (base ball) for 3-4 weeks as well as lining (sight blinds). These I set out at 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 yards, all within his sight. Bear is fast! And a retrieving machine! Sometimes I shake my head because he just won't stop!  With the lack of birds in SE MN I might try to get Bear to a pheasant preserve just to see if we can bring out some points on some tighter holding birds.
     The picture I've included is a striking similarity to Baker, same head, tail, body and broad shoulders for a little boy. When he chews his rawhides he lays on the floor with his legs spread straight back just like Hailey. I think he's a good mix of the two. He is loved by all, especially his new momma and is very spoiled, just like every retriever should be!
Thanks Dave!
Jeff & Teri

     Sasha is now up to 47#. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. I have taken her out grouse hunting a couple of times. She has done pretty
 good with only limited training by me. She has been very eager to work the cover and has shown very good instincts in the field. I look forward to seeing how good she can be when she is fully trained. She gets very excited when the shotgun gets brought out and she retrieved a grouse that Jody shot. The boys play with her every day and she has developed a love of playing football with the boys. She loves to steal the football from them.
Sean & Jody

Ruby is doing great! She had her first hunting trip last weekend and retrieved 5 ducks and kicked up multiple pheasants. She is a true hunting dog! She loved every minute of it and is now catching up on all of her naps. She continues to be a great addition to our family, especially with the kids. Not a day goes by that she's not wrestling with them, or following them around the house, or trying to eat their snacks, which she loves, of course. Ruby still has tons of energy and loves her daily walks and chasing squirrels and rabbits around the neighborhood. She and Maggie are getting along very well now also. They sleep together, play together, and worked well together in the field last weekend.
We hope all is going well with you!
Lynne and Nathan


Sage is weighing in at 45 pounds and still growing like a weed. She has been doing pretty good with everything. She absolutely loves to be in the field on our almost daily walks. She does a good job sniffing things out. Her retrieving is very strong out to about 40 yards. She has a lot of excitement to go get the dummy and bring it back. As far as obedience goes I haven't pushed it too far yet but she is doing alright with sit, stay, and come, for some reason way better in field than at the house. She has been on grouse up north and even locked up on point after one flushed into a tree. I could tell she was learning the game quickly just after one weekend up there. My family has a lot of fun with her and we couldn't ask for a better dog.
Lucas, Misty and Kendra

July 13, 2010

Doing well in their new homes...

It's been nearly 6 weeks since the last puppy was placed.  Below is an update from those who responded to my latest email.  Look for the next update to come the end of summer or early part of fall.  Until next time enjoy the reading and good luck with training. -David

During last week's vet check Bella weighed 19.1#.  It amazes me the level of maturity Bella has attained in only a week.  Her house training is beginning to come around and she is progressing quite nicely with her basic obedience training of sit and come.  Bella has taken well to the field too.  I was able to secure a pigeon to get Bella started on live birds.  I placed the bird in the yard for Bella to chase around.  Upon release she ran directly to the bird, picked it up and returned it to me for another chance to retrieve it.  She definitely has a liking for retrieving live birds.  Aside from the live brid training, our training sessions have been composed of retrieving her dead fowl teal.  She consistently retrieves from 10-15 yards with the occassional retrieve of 25 yards.  Bella and I continue to go on our nightly walks through the field, woods and down to the lake.  She's very fond of rousting moths from the alfalfa field.  Once down to the lake she explores the tall grasses, cattails and has begun swimming again.  It's been about three weeks since her last swim.  It was at that time she was retrieving her dummy, but she was apprehensive about it.  So I kept her away until now.  This week I "re-introduced" her to the water and boy did she take to it.  She hits the water with much enthusiasm.  She even jumped from the dock a few times.  Hailey and Bella get along quite well.  They are constantly playing and rough-housing.  There is definitely a pecking order with Hailey as the dominate female but Bella is not far behind always testing her limits.
-David and Pauline, Center City, MN

Bella~ (from IA)
Life with Bella has been great! She is such a sweet girl, and very curious about things. We took her walking on the trails through our local state park, and she kept right up with our older chocolate lab. It was fun to see the two tails wagging as they went.  So far crate training has been going well. She has a hard time going back to sleep after she wakes up--she's an early riser and ready to play!  We had a little incident happen at home the Tuesday after picking her up. She came close to Harley's dog dish (our male chocolate lab), and he growled and bit her.  He punctured a hole right on the side of her temple. We brought her to the dr. and they put her on medication. Long story short....a bump kept growing on her head. Brought her in and it was absessed. They did emergency surgery.  A week later we brought her back to have her drain tuberemoved.  She looks much better. She's full of energy, and has been into biting everything, and chewing up everything. We have everything kept up high now, except for her own chew toys. Bella is doing well with that. She has been sleeping through the night. Cory is really itching to take her swimming, but we need to wait until her little holes are healed up all the way. She has enjoyed playing fetch with her duck dummy, and loves walks.  However, I do want to say that her and Harley get along very well. I believe it was just him getting protective over his food, but we've got everything straightened out--phew!  A cute story...when we came home from the vet, Harley kept looking in her kennel wondering where she was.  He went and grabbed her tennis ball, and laid it in her kennel--so sweet. He really does enjoy having her around and it keeps him active also.  Bella has been so wonderful with our kids! She's loveable, and very mild mannered. She loves the fact that she found her bark!
-Cory and Michelle, Estherville, IA
Ruby is doing great.  At her last vet check last week she weighed 21 pounds and is quite the bundle of energy.  She has taken well to sleeping in her crate overnight, but it has been hard for me to get up with her at 5:30 am.  The potty training is going well overall. She will go a week without any accidents and then have a few in one day, but I think she's starting to figure it out.  She loves being outside and retrieving balls and dummies, both on land and in the water. She also likes tearing up lots of kid toys she can get her mouth on.  So far we have gone through about 4 inflatable balls and 3 pool rafts, much to the dismay of the kids.  She loves swimming also.  She has been in the lake every weekend swimming with us and sometimes even jumps in the pool to get a ball or something else.  She and Maggie are getting along much better also.  Maggie stands there with her tail wagging now while Ruby jumps all over her and gives her kisses.  They run around outside all of the time and Maggie is teaching her "the ropes" at the farm and the cabin. The kids LOVE her too.  Jack asks for "RuRu" immediately upon waking up and loves to lay down and snuggle with her on the floor when she is calm. Grace has become quite the little mother with her and it is obvious that Ruby adores them also.
-Lynne and Nathan, New Brighton, MN

Sage weighs 17.4 pounds and we go back to the vet on Monday (July 12) for the rest of her shots.  She is a lot of fun, but at the same time a lot of work.  She has been accident free in the house for about 2 weeks.  She is still into bitting and now starting to jump, so we are hoping to nip that is the butt before it is to late.  The one nice thing is, that she never barks unless our cat is upstairs.  She loves to carry things around that she is not suppose to have, she loves Kendra's toys and then they start to fight when Kendra tries to take it away and then Sage will bite her so it is a never ending battle.  She is kennel trained and does great, but durning the day she ends to potty in there so I hope that will change.  She LOVES to retrieve in the water and in the fields.  Lucas takes her walking in the fields every other day, and she does wonderful retrieving. She does know what sit means and knows what come and stay are when she wants to listen.  We went camping last weekend for the first time and she did very well. We got so many complements on what a beautiful dog she is. So all and all she is a very good dog and we would never trade her for anything.
-Misty and Lucas, Zimmerman, MN

Sasha has been growing very fast.  She weighs a little over 21 pounds as of today.  We took her out swimming a couple of times last week when we were on vacation.  She loved it and was retrieving a tennis ball in the lake and dropping it at my side.  Retrieving on land has been a little more challenging.  At times she is very good, and other times she is in full puppy mode and will do every thing she can to avoid me while she has her dummy.  She has been sitting very good and is also shaking hands.  The boys have been having a little trouble getting respect from her but this is more due to them.  Her house training has gone very well as long as everyone pays attention to her signs. She has not had an accident in the house or up north in 2 weeks.  We are very happy to have her and look forward to many good years with her.  I do look forward to her getting her adult teeth.
-Jody and Sean, Coon Rapids, MN

Bauer was to the vet last week and weighed in at 20 lbs.  Bauer is retreiving consistently at 15 yds and has gone to 30 a few times.  Loves to stalk moths and butterflies.  Had him chasing a frog which was a lot of laughs.  Bauer and Kado get along great and are best buds.
-Kirk and Beth, Bayport, MN

Bear weighs in at a solid 23.5 lbs!  Sounds like he's just like his sister Bella.  He goes like mad for a while, then is "out for the count".  He has been traveling to the ball parks twice a week and knows all of the girls!  Sometimes he's a bit to manage, but is getting better with traveling in the car and behaving on the leash.  We introduced him to water with a little apprehension, but he took to it like a duck (as long as he had his duck!) We still take a lot of walks in the neighbor's fields and Bear will roust out most of the butterflies! He is bold and very courageous as all of the toads and chipmunks live in fear at our place.  Bear loves retrieving his "dead fowl teal" duck. 8-10 throws at 10-20yrds as long as its not too hot out.  This last week he has really gotten crazy with his retrieves (runs with a lot of desire).  We usually do this in the evening outside and in the morning we just throw in the kitchen/dining room a few times.  Bear is running into the same issues with house training.  He'll do good for a few days, runs to the door and scratches, then he might have an accident.  So he has been limited to the tile unless we are in another room with him.  He knows his crate is where he spends the night, so he heads right in at bedtime.  He wakes up at 5am everyday! He has gotten very good at sitting and staying before he eats.  We can put his food down about 5ft in front of him and he sits at full attention until we say "OK".  Bear is up to date on his shots and loves going to the vet to see his three-legged, 1/2 tailed cat friend.  Next month we're taking him "up north" to the cabin and fishing.  He is such good little boy!  We love him very much as he has filled that vacancy in our hearts that we had when our precious Reno died.
Thanks Dave for putting this litter together.
-Jeff, Byron, MN

Oakley is doing great! He weighed 19.5# at his last visit to the vet.  He loves going to our cabin and running around outside.  He is very social and must visit with every dog or person we meet when we are on walks - we have met many new people this way!  Oakley is retrieving toys from the water - and will do up to a dozen retrieves and would probably do more but he gets tired.  He also retrieved a dead northern from the beach and was quite stinky before we found him with his "prize".  He has learned to sit and shake.  House training has gone remarkably well and it has been about 2 weeks since we last had an accident.  He has been on a few boat rides and does ok - although wants to get into anything he can find in the boat.  He still play bites quite a bit and loves shoes so we have to be careful with where we leave them.  Oakley has been a great addition to our family and we love having him.
Thanks for a great dog!
-Karen and Brian, Woodbury, MN

Rudy is a wonderful pup and has made great strides in his obedience training the past few days.  He is learning to sit and come very well.  It's been over a week since his last accident.  I wish I had a camera with last night because Rudy solidly locked up on point.  This was Rudyy's first point that I saw and was quite exciting to see.  Rudy gets along well with our two labs Hank and Jake.  Hank and Rudy are continuously playing and chasing one another around the house.  It ceases to amaze me the affect a puppy has on a ten year old dog.
-Scott and Kathy, St. Michael, MN

Tucker has adjusted well to our home. He is a very smart dog, he catches on quick when it comes to doing things he shouldn't do. Like eating the cat's food and chewing on shoes.  He loves the cat, he thinks he is a cool toy and chases him all over the house, much to the disappointment of the cat.  He has learned to sit extremely well, that took only the first 2 days, and we are still working on lay down, and roll over, etc.  He went swimming in the lake the other day and did quite well with that, I also had him out shooting clays, and I am relieved to say he is not gunshy by any means.  It has been 2 full days since he had an accident in the house, so I'm hoping we're getting past that.  He went to my friend's house yesterday while I was at work, and got along well with all her dogs and kids.  I had to pry him away from the kids. He is doing very well, and learning fast, he is a fun addition to have around.
-Ashley, Bemidji, MN

Doing wonderfully in their new homes...

The pups have been in their new homes for neary 7 weeks and it sounds as though all have taken the adjustment quite well.  Below are responses to my last message.

Bella enjoyed her visit to the vet last week for her booster shots.  At that time she weighed 19.1#.  The one thing I've noticed with Bella is her level of maturity from last week to this week.  Her house training has improved, along with her obedience training of sit, and come.  Bella loves retrieving her Dokken Dead Fowl Teal.  The past few weeks she'd retrieve very puppy like.  This past week she began to retrieve with more enthusiasm and running quite hard.  Her retrieves are growing from 12-15 yards to upwards of 25.  She has also taken to the water much more willingly this week.  Prior to this week her most recent experience with water was between weeks 9 and 10.  At that time she would retrieve but wouldn't bust in after her dead fowl teal.  This week was a totally different story.  I tossed her dead fowl teal in and off she took.  She even jumped from the dock a number of times.  Bella is definitely taking after her mother as loving to retrieve and at home in the water.  Bella and I continue to go on our nightly walks exploring the woods and fields.  It's quite entertaining watching her "hunt" moths from an alfalfa field.

Ruby is doing great also. At her vet check last week she weighed 21 pounds and is quite the bundle of energy. She has taken well to sleeping in her crate overnight, but it has been hard for me to get up with her at 5:30 am.  The potty training is going well overall.  She will go a week without any accidents and then have a few in one day, but I think she's starting to figure it out.  She loves being outside and retrieving balls and dummies, both on land and in the water.  She also likes tearing up lots of kid toys she can get her mouth on. So far we have gone through about 4 inflatable balls and 3 pool rafts, much to the dismay of the kids. She loves swimming also.  She has been in the lake every weekend swimming with us and sometimes even jumps in the pool to get a ball or something else.  She and Maggie are getting along much better also.  Maggie stands there with her tail wagging now while Ruby jumps all over her and gives her kisses.  They run around outside all of the time and Maggie is teaching her "the ropes" at the farm and the cabin.  The kids LOVE her too.  Jack asks for "RuRu" immediately upon waking up and loves to lay down and snuggle with her on the floor when she is calm.  Grace has become quite the little mother with her and it is obvious that Ruby adores them also.
-Lynne and Nathan

June 03, 2010

And then there were three...

With only three pups remaining our house is much more quiet.  Yesterday we were out exploring the fields, woods and water.  The pups were down to the lake watching Hailey as she recieved some retrieval work.  Once again they couldn't contain themselves just sitting on the dock watching mama work.  Within minutes the pup with the purple collar was in the water swimming around.  While he was swimming around Belle (Red collar) and Tucker (green collar) began wrestling around in the sand.  Eventually these two went in for a swim and all three retrieved the dummy I tossed for them.

Today all three were in for a visit to the vet for their 8 week shots and their second dose of de-wormer.  Our next visit will be in roughly 4 weeks.  Below are a couple of videos of Purple, Tucker, and Belle retrieving a dummy.

For those of you interested the pup with the purple collar is still available.  Please contact me via phone or email if you'ld like more information or would like to come and take a look at him.  Like all of his siblings, he truely is a wonderful looking pup.

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Off to new homes...

The long awaited 7th week has finally come with 4 girls and 3 boys being placed to new homes.  Their new families couldn't have been happier to have this day come as the day has been much anticipated.  Below is an update from a few of the pup's new familes.
  • Sage (yellow/orange stripe)- She is a little spitfire like you said (at times). For the most part she has adjusted very well, the first 3 nights were really bad in the kennel, but now she goes is there and doesn't say a word till morning. She hasn't figured out the whole bathroom outside and no bitting, but everyday it get better.   She went swimming in the lake yesterday and didn't mind that and we also took her to the Zimmerman fair and she was loving that with all the people.
  • Oakley (green stripe)- He is doing well and we have enjoyed our first few days with him. The transition (and most particularly nights) has gone much better than we had expected!
  • Bear (black)- What a GREAT weekend! Bear has settled in and rules the roost! The only training we've done is just a 10 minute walk each day through some obstacles (woods and grass and small hills), he loves exploring! I have gotten a few incidental points out of him while playing around. He loves his new family and has adjusted very well.
  • Sasha (hot pink)- She has been very fun in the short time we have had her. I think the boys wore her out today. She seems very attached to the boys so far. She must have had a lot of contact with the children in your neighborhood. She already has retrieved toys for us today.
  • Belle (red)- Belle is the female we kept.  We have begun the crate training process.  Each day has been an improvement.  The last couple days we've been out exploring the woods, fields and water.  She is so inquisitve and loves to explore her new territory and carry things in her mouth.  She has adjusted well to having far fewer brothers and sisters around.