June 13, 2017

Pups are 5 1/2 weeks and growing nicely....

Only a week and a half to go until pups go to their new homes.  If you know of anyone looking for a male yellow lab.  One of the two boys listed below will be available.  Over the last couple weeks we've seen the puppies grow nicely.  They've transitioned nicely from the moist food to the dry puppy kibble.  They're weight is also quite uniform, with the females just about 6.75# and the males nearly 8#.  In addition to growing quite well, they've also transitioned from the whelping box to being outside, playing with the kids.  Our kids as well as the neighborhood kids have also found out that puppies new teeth are quite sharp and they like to untie shoelaces.  Their personalities are beginning to come out as well.  Look for us to introduce the puppies to birds over the next few days.

May 29, 2017

Puppies get first pedicure...

Over the past week we saw several changes with the puppies.  They're continuing to grow quite nicely and packing on the pounds.  Their weights range from just shy of 3# to nearly 4#.  In addition to their growth in size, their nails were quite long so we gave them all a pedicure and trimmed them up nicely.  Bella is already thanking us.  Over the last day or so, their teeth have begun to poke through.  This tell us it's time to start transitioning from an all milk diet to puppy food that's soaked in water to make a sloppy mush.  Puppies have just four weeks left until they'll be in their forever homes.  If you know of someone looking for an excellent companion that can hunt with this best of them.  Please forward our contact information along.

May 21, 2017

2 weeks and GROWING....

Puppies are two weeks of age and growing fast. They're all nearly 2.5#. In the coming week we should see some big changes. Rather than do the "army crawl" we should see them begin to walk. Additionally we should their eyes begin to open. Only 5 weeks remain until they get re-homed.  We have three males available. 
Boys playing puppy pile...

May 18, 2017

Puppies get first Vet visit

If dew claws are to be removed.  It is recommended to have them removed between days three and five.  Well, day four, puppies get their first visit to our vet.  Not only is our vet seen here removing the dew claws.  He's also giving them an initial check-up.  All six puppies appear to be healthy and off to a good start.  The first picture is during the dew claw removal visit.  The second picture is of all six puppies a couple days later at nearly a week old.

Puppies have arrived!

Bella whelped 6 healthy puppies.  Four boys and two girls.  Bella's first puppy, the darkest colored male, was born Saturday, May 6th at 3:35am.  About twenty minutes later she had the first female, shortly followed by another male.  Each subsequent puppy was born 45minutes, then an hour, then two hours later.  The last male was born about 8:00am.  Immediately following each birth, Bella's maternal instincts began to shine.  She cleaned the puppy and began nursing.  Notice the bright pink newborn noses and paws.  These will begin darken with time.  This picture is taken shortly after the last puppy was born.

May 11, 2017

Vaider meets Bella

Sire:  4xGMPR Cashman's Risky Raider's in Vaider MH
Vaider hails from Cashman Kennels, in Elko, MN.  He is a natural pointing male who holds an American Pointing Lab Association 4xGMPR title as well as an AKC Master Hunter title.  He excels not only as an upland hunter, he's also dynamite in the duck blind and/or boat hunting fowl.  He is calm and steady and handles blind retrieves like a pro.  He has the diversity and strengths that most avid hunters are looking for.  Vaider, like his father Raider, is an outstanding all-around upland and water fowl hunter.    Additional information regarding Vaider and his legendary father Raider, can be found by clicking here.

Health Clearances for Vaider are as follows:               
AKC: SR62574601                                                                                     
DOB:  6/6/2010                                                                                           
Weight:  70lbs                                                                                             
Hips:  LR-198663G24M-VPI                                                                    
Elbows:  LR-EL55283M24M-VPI                                                           
Penn HIP:  DI 0,33 top 90% for Labradors (excellent rating)
CERF:  LR-347840                                                                                    
EIC: Clear by Parentage                                                                            
CNM:  Clear by Parentage                                                                           
PRA:  Tested Clear                                                                                      
RD/OSD:  Tested Clear         

Dam:  Majestic Miss Lady Isabella JH
Bella is a daughter from our previous breeding between Baker and Hailey.   Like Vaider, she too is a natural pointing, bird finding machine.  She is hunted extensively as a guide dog at Wings North in Pine City and Wild Wings of Oneka in Hugo.  Bella shares many of the same qualities and characteristics of her mother.  She's quite smart, who's easy and loves to train.  Her never give up attitude has saved me many of times on a poorly shot bird.  Her marking ability is something I would never trade anyone.  While upland hunting she covers an entire field in a methodical manner that leaves no tuft of grass left behind.  Her drive and train ability is second to none.  Yet, when her day is done, she's a 52# lap dog in our home.  Her calm temperament is absolutely amazing around our two and five year old children.  Bella is the perfect companion as she loves to hunt, lives to please and is what our family calls a best friend.

Health Clearances for Bella are as follows:
AKC:  SR61714701
DOB:  4/8/2010
Weight:  52lbs
Hips:  LR-202823G35F-VPI
Elbows:  LR-EL58405F35-VPI
EIC: Clear by Parentage
CNM:  Clear by Parentage
PRA:  Tested Clear
RD/OSD:  TesteClear

Litter Pedigree Information can be found here

June 02, 2013

Spring of 2013

~Hailey and Bella
It's been quite some time since I last posted an update. A couple years in fact. Since that last post both Hailey and Bella have grown inseperable, constantly playing and rough housing. It's aparant Bella's youthfullnes is keeping Hailey active and young. The summer of 2011 Hailey passed the APLA's Certified Pointing Retriever test.  The same summer she passed four AKC Junior Hunter tests and earned her Junior Hunter Title. Last summer I didn't run any hunt tests as Pauline and I were quite busy with the birth of our first child.  The fall of 2012 both Hailey and Bella began guiding at http://www.wingsnorth.org in Pine City.
Recently Bella passed four AKC Junior Hunter tests to earn her Junior Hunter Title.  Bella is hunting, pointing and retrieving quite nicely. I did have Bella's hips and elbows x-rayed.  Her hips scored Good and her elbows Normal.  She's weighing in at 51#.

Bear is all of 72lbs and my loyal "wingman" as always!  Bear began running hunt tests the Summer of 2011. Since then he's progressed nicely.  He went 4 for 4 to earn his AKC Junior Title. The summer of 2012 he went 4 for 4 to earn his AKC Senior Title. He also ran in two UKC Senior tests passing both those test. Bear has two more UKC Senior passes before he titles.  We have a very busy summer planned with family stuff, but if the cards fall right and we are successful, we will finish the HR title and HRCH title with HRC. We also hope to achieve our AKC MH title this year :-\......wish us luck!
Jeff Brezee family and
Brezee Oak's Brother Bear SH

~Bella (from Iowa)

Here is a recent picture of our Bella:).  Our 47# bundle of joy.  She's been on several pheasant hunting trips in Iowa and South Dakota and has a lot of character. We really enjoy her! She's very much a diva and very social.


Wow 3 years already! Sasha is currently about 62 pounds. She grouse hunted with me all fall this past year and did a wonderful job. She is a hard worker in the field and is driven to succeed. She has been great for our family. The photos are from march on our first trip up north. As you can see she was really excited to be at our woods. She checked every inch of the yard for critters and even played king of the hill with our boys. I am currently thinking about training her to find sheds. She has retrieved old sheds that I have hid around the yard very well and i would like to try her in the field eventually. We look forward to many more years of hunting, playing and companionship with Sasha.
Sean, Jody, Trevor, and Josh


Oakley has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He continues to be great on pheasant trips to South Dakota and grouse hunting near our cabin on Leech Lake. Being in the boat while we fish remains a favorite of his and he is always excited when a fish is caught and he has to be in the middle of the action. As you can see in his photo from this past winter, Oakley loves retrieving and will find it, even in the deepest of snow. He never gets tired chasing anything we throw for him. He remains very social and loves people.

It was fun seeing the updates on his siblings - thanks for doing this!

Karen and Brian VanDerBosch